Viral videos of the week: extreme weather, rough opera and Merlin returns

The best five electronically popular clips from the past seven days, rounded right up for you

1. Ruff-erham’s Got Talent
High culture outside the Ministry of Food in Rotherham, as a man called Maxwell Thorpe sings the Paul Potts classic Con Te Partiro, for coins.


He’s pretty good, but that dog’s gonna have to contribute a bit more to the act if they’re going to win this competition. Nevertheless, it’s a yes from me. See you in the semi-final.

2. List show
Remember the good old days, when people couldn’t do slightly awkward parodies of We Didn’t Start the Fire, because Billy Joel hadn’t written We Didn’t Start the Fire yet? The problems really started back in 1989, when Billy Joel wrote We Didn’t Start the Fire.

Anyway, this one’s very very popular – after getting a gazillion hits last week, it got another bajillion this week – and you have to admit the list of retro references is well chosen.

3. All hail
The early hours of Wednesday brought violent hailstorms to Texas. One resident of Brookshire, 30 miles west of Houston, was on hand to describe how violent they were.

We need this woman on the Today programme. “Light showers in the north-east, turning heavier later. KAPOOYOW!”

4. Star power
A bunch of international aid organisations got together to make a viral video this week, which broke all convention by actually going viral. Not that surprising, since it had Adil Ray, Joanna Scanlan, Matt Berry and Peter Serafinowicz in it.

Top comedy experts will notice that this is effectively a cover version of a routine from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. It’s nicely done: check out Serafinowicz’s spot-on John Cleese eye-bulge-and-spit near the end.

5. Wizard jape
A funny short film by Simon Guerrier, with none other than David Warner as a wizard called Merlin who’s got a job in a call centre, but isn’t very focused.


“Glowing references from the Royal Family – but then why didn’t they keep him?”