Goodbye The Thick of It, hello Silicon Valley?

Armando Iannucci hints that he may give politics a rest for now in favour of a satire based around companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft

After devastating satires on the news and politics of both Britain and America, Armando Iannucci is turning his razor-sharp pen to the subject of Silicon Valley.


The author of the The Thick of It and Veep has written a pilot episode for a new comedy series focusing on the young internet business giants working in California.  Iannucci is reportedly in discussions with American cable network HBO, who produced Veep, to develop the series.

In an interview with the Observer, Iannucci said he has been thinking about the “power of the internet” and how, at companies such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook, “you have these twentysomethings who have a way into billions of households”. He has also suggested Apple may come under scrutiny.

There have been a variety of films and television programmes that have attempted to either dramatise and/or make light of the advancing digital age. Films The Social Network and Catfish have examined the conception and power of Facebook, whilst TV series The IT Crowd and US series Gossip Girl have built up their shows around the theme of technology and social networking.

It seems Iannucci plans on this new, currently untitled project, becoming a replacement for The Thick of It. He has said he wants to step away from the BBC series for now, although may be tempted back in the future: “Probably this will be the last series of The Thick of It. The door is left open at the end to come back and do specials, but I feel I have explored every crevice now and it’s time to take stock and move on”.


The fourth and perhaps final series of The Thick of It starts this Saturday on BBC2 and BBC HD. Watch the trailer here.