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In this series Jane Garvey talks to people who have lived through extraordinary events that have set their lives on an entirely different course. This podcast is all about the human experience, how people deal with obstacles that turn their lives upside down. The journeys are not always straightforward and there are often some remarkable discoveries along the way. Discover the story of the young trainee doctor who was left paralysed when a man fell from three storeys up and landed directly on top of her. Her response might not be what you'd expect. Plus, meet a lifelong coal worker from Wales who found out in an unremarkable hotel along the A1 that he was actually a Malaysian Prince. Would you like to appear on the podcast? Do you have an extraordinary story to tell? We'd love to hear from you: Presenter: Jane Garvey Series Editor: Munazza Khan Producers: Andrea Kennedy and Thomas Harding Assinder


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