Sylvie Simmons: The Rock Chick

Sylvie Simmons: The Rock Chick


Some 30 years ago, while still a teenager, writer Sylvie Simmons became bored with interviewing the likes of the Bay City Rollers for UK teen mags so she upped sticks and moved to Los Angeles, determined to become a big player in the male-dominated world of rock journalism. It says much for her steely determination and talent that she was such a success. She has a wealth of stories here for Nick Barraclough about the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Nicks and a particularly moving memory of Johnny Cash. But entertaining as Sylvie is, this is very much a tantalising glimpse, the Saturday morning, Radio 4 version of her story. I wanted to be there when the tape was turned off, the chardonnay came out and Sylvie really dished the goss.


Nick Barraclough hears from London-born music journalist Sylvie Simmons, who left her home in Islington in the 1970s to pursue a career as a rock writer in Los Angeles. She recalls some of her most memorable interviews, detailing encounters with Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, and reflects on the pros and cons of being a female in a predominantly male world.

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Producer John Leonard