The First Time with Brian Wilson

The First Time with Brian Wilson

Series 3



The series on the pivotal moments that have shaped musicians’ lives draws to a close with its most hesitant interviewee. Brian Wilson is a genius but also a casualty of pop. Host Matt Everitt does not shirk from asking him about the effect drug-taking had on his music but he gets a rather rehearsed response. But what the conversation is lacking is more than made up for by the tracks played, especially the Beach Boys numbers. Has there ever been a more tear-inducing paean to love than God Only Knows?


Matt Everitt chats to singer-songwriter Brian Wilson, who discusses his early influences and his experiments with recording music on a tape machine when he was 16. He also reveals the huge difficulties he had creating masterpieces like Good Vibrations and the Beach Boys' lost album Smile, and how experiences taking drugs influenced his work and forced his withdrawal from music.

Cast & Crew

Guest Brian Wilson
Presenter Matt Everitt