Drama on 3: Life is a Radio in the Dark

Drama on 3: Life is a Radio in the Dark



By Will Eno. When Davey Maskelyne embarks upon sonic therapy to restore his memory so he can help solve a crime the treatment leads to a reckoning with a past he never believed he could recover. The play wittily tangles with questions of loss and memory. What is a person without a past? Might we be better living in the moment? And how does sound give us a more profound experience of that past? A binaural soundtrack gives the audience a chance to experience the sound world for themselves.

Cast & Crew

Davey Maskelyne Toby Jones
Dr Baines Colin Stinton
Sgt Castor Fenella Woolgar
Maud Cecilia Appiah
Jennifer Clare Corbett
Jesse Luke Nunn
Jim Carl Prekopp
Courtney Charlotte East
Gallery director Kenneth Collard
Audio guide Roger Ringrose
Park woman Emma Handy
Granddaughter Alejandra Howard
Producer Sally Avens
Writer Will Eno
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