The Bomb



In a moment of terrible inspiration, a little-known Hungarian scientist called Leo Szilard uncovers the destructive possibilities of an atomic bomb. Fearing the Nazis would also see the potential of atomic energy and develop their own atomic bomb, Szilard decides that he has to help America to get there first. Szilard turns to his friend Albert Einstein in the hope that he will use his iconic status to help mobilse the military might of America. Convinced that Szilard's theories are correct, Einstein agrees to help and together they write a letter to President Roosevelt calling for America build the bomb before anyone else. Realising the danger, Roosevelt agrees to invest in a uranium research programme. It's 1939, and the clock is ticking. For Emily Strasser this is a personal story. Her grandfather worked on the Manhattan Project. All her life she's been grappling with what her grandfather was a part of, and how she's meant to feel about it today.