Miriam and Youssef

Episode 10 Miriam and Youssef



1948. The final episode of the epic drama. With the UN voting to establish a Jewish state, Israel is born – but the new state comes under attack from its Arab neighbours. The final episode of the epic drama series. Written by Steve Waters CAST Youssef: Amir El-Masry Miriam: Shani Erez Yehoshua: Philip Arditti Ben-Gurion: Elliot Levey Musa Alami: Sargon Yelda Judah Magnes: Neil McCaul The Palestinian woman: Nathalie Armin Other parts: Heather Craney, Clive Hayward and Hasan Dixon Original music: Glenn Sharp Sound design: Caleb Knightley Produced by Radio Drama London for BBC World Service