Undercover Mumbai

Undercover Mumbai

Series 3 - Episode 2



The body of a young woman, Nyla Ansari, is found in the bath at her parents' home, a bottle of pills beside her. It looks like a suicide, until the discovery of the video she made a year before claiming her father, a wealthy Indian businessman, was going to kill her. Inspector Alia Khan goes undercover, moving into the flat next door with her male colleague Junaid Qureshi. Posing as a newly married couple, their mission is to befriend Nyla's family, their servants and friends, and discover the truth. Crime drama by Ayeesha Menon, starring Prerna Chawla and Tavish Bhattacharya.

Cast & Crew

Alia Prerna Chawla
Junaid Tavish Bhattacharya
Ratna Shivani Tanksale
Shahnaz Shernaz Patel
Parvez Rajit Kapur
Jaz Sukant Goel
Roopkala Lovleen Mishra
Popo Rohit Malkani
Bhupinder Aseem Hattangady
Patel Jaimini Pathak
Roopkala's son Ajitesh Gupta
Mrs Gomes Radhika Mital
Dr Rao Sohrab Ardeshir
Dr Rameshwari Anahita Uberoi
Sam/Insp Kaur Vivek Madan
Pander/Bartender Nadir Khan
Nyla/Adele  Abir Abrar
Poona Kamakshi Rai
Boy Dhruv Hemdev
Director John Dryden
Producer Nadir Khan
Writer Ayeesha Menon
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