London Can Take It

Series 3 - Episode 4 London Can Take It



The prime minister is preparing to broadcast to the French Resistance and needs urgent help with his French vocabulary. Desperate to please, Dot and Millicent embark on a race across London to get to him first when an air raid stops them in their tracks, but could Dot's resemblance to Vera Lynn give her the upper hand? Comedy by Ed Harris, starring Fenella Woolgar. First aired in 2018.

Cast & Crew

Dot Fenella Woolgar
Millicent Jane Slavin
Myrtle Kate O'Flynn
Peg Freya Parker
Vic Sean Murray
Londoner John Lightbody
Londoner Ryan Whittle
Londoner Lauren Cornelius
Director Sasha Yevtushenko
Producer Sasha Yevtushenko
Writer Ed Harris
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