GF Newman's The Corrupted

GF Newman's The Corrupted

Series 4 - Episode 1



New series. The return of the saga that weaves fiction with real characters from history to follow the fortunes of the Oldman family - from small-time business and petty crime to their entanglement in the highest echelons of society. It is the 1980s and Brian Oldman is back in jail for a crime he didn't commit. He suspects, but cannot prove, that his stepfather Joseph Oldman, now Joseph Olinska MP, was the perpetrator. Starring Toby Jones and Joe Armstrong.

Cast & Crew

Joseph Oldman/Olinska Toby Jones
Brian Joe Armstrong
Catherine Isabella Urbanowicz
Tony Wednesday Alec Newman
Leah Cohen Jasmine Hyde
Kevin Wheeler Lucas Hare
Margaret Thatcher Steve Nallon
Warder Dewitt Matthew Marsh
AC Jennings Nicholas Murchie
Judge Melford Stevenson Richard Wilson
Fenwick Theo Fraser Steele
Mrs Wilkes Will Harrison-Wallace
Sonia/Doreen Lotte Rice
Director Clive Brill
Producer Clive Brill
Writer GF Newman
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