Home Front Omnibus: 18-22 September 1917

Home Front Omnibus: 18-22 September 1917



Parts 36-40. By Shaun McKenna and Katie Hims. Another chance to hear the episodes of the Folkestone-set drama covering the 18th to the 22nd September 1917, when free treatment was recommended for all invalided soldiers, and Dorothea prepares to return to work.

Cast & Crew

Ralph Winwood Nicholas Murchie
Kitty Lumley Ami Metcalf
Adeline Lumley Helen Schlesinger
Victor Lumley Joel MacCormack
Sylvia Graham Joanna David
Ulysses Pilchard Khalid Abdalla
Phyllis Marshall Christine Absalom
Norman Harris Sean Baker
Isabel Graham Keely Beresford
Gabriel Graham Michael Bertenshaw
Howard Argent Gunnar Cauthery
Silas Morrow Shaun Dooley
Oscar Hendrickx Pierre Elliott
Albert Wilson Jamie Foreman
Jessie Moore Lucy Hutchinson
Cressida Marshall Bettrys Jones
Maisie Harris Cassie Layton
Harry Pankhurst Sean Murray
Bessie Joseph Rhiannon Neads
Eric Morton Paul Rainbow
Dorothea Winwood Rachel Shelley
Alec Poole Tom Stuart
Dennis Monk Sam Swann
Ivy Layton Lizzy Watts
Charles Summer Rufus Wright
Owen Liam Christian
Hotel manager Tom Forrister
Director Allegra McIlroy
Editor Jessica Dromgoole
Producer Allegra McIlroy
Writer Shaun McKenna
Writer Katie Hims
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