Series 3 - Episode 1 Qikiqtarjuaq



A welcome return for the comedy series where the writing and acting are so tight they’re in danger of cutting off your blood supply. The least attentive and most dangerous budget airline in the world — tag line: no job is too small but many, many are too difficult —
is flying a party of adventurous tourists to the North Pole.

Never has a tiredness for life been so malevolent as in the heart and mind of First Officer Richardson, played with sanguine vitriol by Roger Allam. Not known for his love and admiration of Captain Crieff (portrayed with suitably browbeaten desperation by Benedict Cumberbatch), this flight sees Richardson annihilate any morsel of dignity that the Captain had stored away. And, my goodness, is it funny to witness.


John Finnemore's comedy about the pilots of a small charter airline. MJN flies a party of tourists near to the North Pole, where Arthur goes hunting for polar bears. Meanwhile, Carolyn tries to track down a rogue lemon and Martin wants to acquire a French accent. Comedy, starring Stephanie Cole.

Cast & Crew

Carolyn Stephanie Cole
1st Officer Douglas Richardson Roger Allam
Capt Martin Crieff Benedict Cumberbatch
Arthur John Finnemore
Nancy Melanie Hudson
Mrs Cook Kosha Engler
Mr Peary Ewan Bailey
Director David Tyler
Producer David Tyler
Writer John Finnemore
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