Parsons Mount

Series 5 - Episode 4 Parsons Mount



William Palmer (aka Pilgrim, if he’s talking to one of the Greyfolk from the fairy world) is offered the ultimate choice in this concluding episode. He can accept the Greyfolk King’s offer of an end to his tormented eternal life on earth or he can sacrifice this opportunity and, in return, the sinister figure of the Radiant Boy — who he gets to meet at last — will free all the unhappy souls that he’s been holding in limbo.

Palmer is a decent man, but after centuries of walking alone, the promise of a final journey is extremely tempting…


By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. The immortal wanderer's quest for the Radiant Boy forces him to travel to the one place he has been forbidden to go. Fantasy drama, starring Paul Hilton.

Cast & Crew

William Paul Hilton
Hecht James Fleet
Millie Amaka Okafor
Chloe Lizzy Watts
Carlton John Norton
Stringer Joel MacCormack
Director Marc Beeby
Producer Marc Beeby
Producer Jessica Dromgoole
Writer Sebastian Baczkiewicz
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