That Mitchell and Webb Sound

That Mitchell and Webb Sound

Series 5 - Episode 2



David Mitchell and Robert Webb have lost none of their comedy momentum: the series continues as energetically as it started last week. This time, the running sketch is Mitchell as the “Radio 4 sommelier”, with suggestions for a wine that will augment the most laughs in each section of the show. The most unexpected hilarity comes in a scene set in a tavern close to Count Dracula’s castle where the endless list of vampire lore — ward them off with water, crucifixes, garlic etc — is given a very funny new twist.

A final word of praise for the wonderful Olivia Colman, whose skills as a comedy actress are put to good use.


Comedy sketches focus on the real point of owning a cat, see a culture clash at the Proms, and reveal a brilliant new way to worry. David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Olivia Colman and James Bachman star. First aired in 2013.

Cast & Crew

Performer David Mitchell
Performer Robert Webb
Performer Olivia Colman
Performer James Bachman
Producer Gareth Edwards