What Does the K Stand For?

Who Am I?

Series 1 - Episode 1 Who Am I?



Steven K Amos must be one of the most likeable figures in British comedy. A small boast: I met him two years ago, and he’s equally nice in person. Anyway, this new format suits him down to the ground; there’s a touch of Seinfeld about What Does the K Stand for? in the way it flows from stand-up into a deliciously awkward sitcom.

Each episode begins with a comic riff from the adult Amos before cutting back to his childhood in London. In this programme, a try-hard teacher asks him to use his “real name — his African name”. Prepare to cringe.


Family comedy, written by and starring Stephen K Amos. The story of the comedian's teenage years and his life growing up in 1980s south London begins as Stephen wrestles with his identity and seeks some career advice. With Shaquille Ali-Yebuah.

Cast & Crew

Himself Stephen K Amos
Young Stephen Shaquille Ali-Yebuah
Stephanie Amos Fatou Sohna
Virginia Amos Ellen Thomas
Vincent Amos Don Gilet
Miss Collins Gemma Whelan
Jayson Frankie Wilson
PE teacher Harry Jardine
Producer Colin Anderson
Writer Stephen K Amos
Writer Jonathan Harvey
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