Composer of the Week: Gershwin

Primrose, plus a Rarity from the Silver Screen

Episode 3 Primrose, plus a Rarity from the Silver Screen



Despite his fame on both sides of the Atlantic, Gershwin wrote only one show specifically for the London stage - the Gilbert and Sullivan-infused comedy Primrose. Donald Macleod presents a little-heard excerpt from the original cast recording, as well as a real rarity - the Dream Sequence from the Hollywood film Delicious, a vestige of George and Ira Gershwin's unhappy experiences in California. He also showcases the work's sibling from the concert hall - the composer's Second Rhapsody for piano and orchestra, also written for the film. Gershwin: Primrose (excerpt). Leslie Henson, Heather Thatcher, Thomas Weguelen (vocals), Winter Garden Theatre Orchestra, conductor John Ansell. Dream Sequence (Delicious); Rhapsody No 2 for piano and orchestra. Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Michael Tilson Thomas (piano).

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Producer Steven Rajam