The Radio Times Quiz of the Year 2017

Think you know 2017? Test yourself against the experts in TV, film, radio and news

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Questions by Radio Times TV editor Alison Graham

1: The BBC2 quiz show Only Connect gets its name from the refrain in which EM Forster classic novel, dramatised by BBC1 this year?


2: Christine Cagney herself (Sharon Gless) guest-starred as a brain surgeon in which BBC1 soap?

3: Which BBC1 drama featured deadly maternity cover?

4: Balaclava Man terrorised women, yet strangely remained at liberty, at the end of which BBC1 drama?

5: American legal drama The Good Wife (shown on Channel 4) ended in 2016. Name the spin-off show on More4 this year.

6: On which BBC show did Theresa May tell us that she and her husband Philip had “boy and girl jobs” — and he took out the bins.

7: Comedian Jack Whitehall played an innocent abroad in an adaptation of which satirical novel by Evelyn Waugh?

Jack Whitehall (Getty,mh)

8: Name the hotel ITV closed for good after just one series.

9: A delightful piece of chaos on the BBC News channel went viral in March when Professor Robert Kelly’s very serious live webcam interview went haywire. What happened?

10: Which BBC1 drama was set in the town of Parminster?


Questions by Radio Times film editor Andrew Collins

11: The Marvel Cinematic Universe passed the $11 billion gross mark this year. Which film put it over the line?

12: Which female Hollywood superstar mistakenly announced La La Land as the winner of best picture at the Oscars?

13: Which Downton star was behind the fur and horns in Disney’s live-action film Beauty and the Beast?

4: Which cult American 90s TV series — often filmed in slow motion — earned its own movie adaptation?

15: Which horror author saw four feature films adapted from his stories in 2017?

16: Skull Island was a reboot of which monster brand?

17: In which year is the long-awaited Blade Runner sequel set?

18: Elgar’s Nimrod played a part in which hit wartime drama?

19: Known for imitating Donald Trump on American television, which actor voiced the title tot in The Boss Baby?

The Boss Baby (Getty,mh)

20: Which regal role did Dame Judi Dench reprise?


Questions by Radio Times radio expert Simon O’Hagan

21: In an interview with Radio Times, what did John Humphrys describe as “deeply, deeply boring”?

22: A three-day pop-up station celebrated the 50th anniversary of the creation of Radio 1. What was it called?

23: Which two former party leaders stood in for Jeremy Vine on Radio 2?

Jeremy Vine (BBCPictures,mh)

24: Desert Island Discs celebrated its 75th anniversary this year. Which Radio 4 programme turned 70?

25: Which radio show host emerged as the BBC’s highest-paid broadcaster, earning more than £2 million a year?

26: Which presenter published a book called A Good Face for Radio: Confessions of a Radio Head?

27: In RT’s poll of the 50 greatest radio presenters of the past 50 years, who was the highest placed living broadcaster, third after Terry Wogan and John Peel?

28: “I must try not to fall over when I hand over to the next commentator, who is I think going to be Ed Smith.” Whose farewell words?

29: Which weekly Radio 4 show was axed after 35 years?

30: And which long-running Radio 4 series was axed and then reprieved?


Questions by Radio Times columnist Eddie Mair

31: Which city has been the UK City of Culture for 2017?

32: This year’s American Super Bowl was described as “very boring” by whom?

33: What do Angellica Bell and Sarah Harding have in common?

Angellica Bell, Sarah Harding (Getty,mh)

34: What was the name of President Trump’s first White House press secretary, who stood down in July?

35: Hillary Clinton revealed she helped herself to relax after her election defeat by doing what with her nose?

36: Theresa May lost two cabinet ministers in the space of a week in November. Who were they?

37: Australia announced that from 2019 people will be banned from climbing a famous landmark. What is it called?

38: How many seats did the Conservatives lose in the general election in June?

39: What is the name of the space probe that was crashed into Saturn at the end of a 20-year mission?

40: Which political leader made a speech with the title “Secure a Decisive Victory in Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects and Strive for the Great Success of Socialism… for a New Era”?


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