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"Classic Albums" lifts the lid on pop and rock albums considered by many to be the best or most distinctive by a well-known band or musician. The music and its production are dissected, providing an insight into how the sound was created. The albums that have been covered include John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band by John Lennon, Rio by Duran Duran, Reasonable Doubt by Jay-Z, British Steel by Judas Priest, Nevermind by Nirvana, Face Value by Phil Collins, A Night at the Opera by Queen, Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf, and The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.


Episode 6: Classic Albums: Amy Winehouse - Back to Black


The making of Back to Black, the second and final studio album by singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, which was released in October 2006 to wide critical and commercial acclaim. Featuring singles Rehab, You Know I'm No Good, Back to Black, Tears Dry on Their Own and Love Is a Losing Game, the record has sold approximately four million copies


There’s a moment near the end of this terrific film that casts a sad light on all that’s come before. We’ve seen producers, musicians, engineers and Amy Winehouse herself reflecting on how her much-loved, 16-million-selling album Back to Black came together, the little quirks like a kettle whistling that you can just hear in the background of one song, the lovely simple demos she recorded with a guitar, the inspiration for the songs’ sullen retro-soul sound (the Shangri-Las, the Ronettes) and it’s all, for any Winehouse fan, fascinating.

Then we see the moment when the Grammys announced she had won Record of the Year and the look on her face is horror-struck, as if she’s seeing an oncoming train. Back to Black took her from being a respected artist who had made a cool jazz album (Frank) to global fame, and as her record company boss says, “Fame… wasn’t a great thing for her.”


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DirectorJeremy Marre
ProducerJeremy Marre
UnknownGeoff Kempin
UnknownTerry Shand
UnknownMark Cooper
EditorSheryl Sandler

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