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"Dispatches" is an ongoing series of investigative and topical documentaries that have been broadcast on Channel 4 since 1987. It covers issues ranging from politics, health and religion to international current affairs and the environment. The first episode on October 30, 1987, featured a report on the black market in weapons grade uranium operated from Khartoum. Other episodes in the long-running series have included a report in 1989 on the widespread use of anabolic steroids in horse racing, an undercover investigation in 1999 into Britain's sex slave trade, and an examination in 2009 of the terrorist attack that year on Mumbai from the point-of-view of victims, security forces and perpetrators.


Episode 1: How Green Is The Government?: Dispatches


Report on the British Government's actions to combat the climate crisis ahead of the COP26 summit. The programme examines in detail the 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution, including controversial plan to construct new industrial-scale carbon capture plants that will permanently pump CO2 beneath the rocks of the North Sea, and questions why the use of fossil fuels and search for new oil sources still has Government backing. With contributions from environmentalists, businesspeople and government advisors


With our Prime Minister trumpeting the favourable headline that Britain leads the world in fighting climate change, film-maker Callum Macrae here devotes himself to exploring the detail – which is, almost inevitably, devilish and discomforting. 

Under his microscope is the Government’s “Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution”, plus its apparent interest in seeking out new oil, in breach of 2015’s Paris Agreement commitments.

While Macrae’s boffins all know their business, more energy comes from the youngsters who are so angry about the climate problems they have inherited that they are gearing up to take the Prime Minister to court for his failures to implement those 2015 commitments. Audacious and almost guaranteed to fail, they at least provide us with that elusive ingredient: hope.

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DirectorCallum Macrae
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