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  • 1972
  • Drama
  • Soap
  • 12


'Emmerdale" has been broadcast on ITV since October 1972. It was known as 'Emmerdale Farm' until 1989. Created by Kevin Laffan, Emmerdale is the name of the village in a fictional West Yorkshire setting (it was known as Beckindale until 1994). It started out as a daytime programme and moved to an early evening slot in most ITV regions in 1978. The original premise centred on a farm and the Sugden family who lived on and ran it. As time went on, the show's focus moved to characters in a nearby village. Location shooting originally occurred in the village of Armcliff, Littondale, in the Yorkshire Dales. Since 1998, a purpose-built set on the Harewood estate in Leeds has been used. Viewing figures were modest for many years until a plane crash storyline in 1993 brought the programme into the public eye and it has remained one of the most-watched programmes on British TV ever since. The soap is well known for disasters and dramatic stunts. Dave Glover died in a fire in 1996, Graham Clark threw Rachel Hughes off a cliff in 1999, the church was burnt down by schizophrenic Zoe Tate in 2002, a large storm in 2004 left parts of the village in ruins, and Ashley Thomas accidently ran over Sally Spode in 2010. Since July 2009, six weekly episodes have been broadcast in an early evening slot.




Al and Chas bond over a bottle of wine, Liam comes to a conclusion, and Lydia forms a plan


For weeks, Faith’s smile was scarpering from her lips as soon as her loved ones had turned their backs. Now, suddenly, her cancer secret is out and her offspring are dealing with the shock news in quite different ways.

As we saw in Monday’s episode, her son Cain has reacted in typically spleen-venting fashion, decking Liam because he was already aware of Faith’s diagnosis. Tonight we see how the bombshell impacts on her daughter Chas. Her ethos seems to be to make love not war — but not by cosying up to partner Paddy. Instead, she’s inexplicably being drawn back to Al, a guy outdone in the charisma stakes by his own suits. What on earth is she thinking?





Chas DingleLucy Pargeter
Liam CavanaghJonny McPherson
Al ChapmanMichael Wildman
Lydia DingleKaren Blick


WriterKirsty Halton
WriterJane Pearson
ProducerKate Brooks
ProducerLaura Shaw
Executive producerJane Hudson
DirectorBob Tomson

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