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That Day We Sang

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The members of a children's choir are reunited in 1969 for a TV documentary, 40 years after a historic recording at the Manchester Free Trade Hall. Middle-aged insurance salesman Tubby is on his own following the death of his mother, but he gets a glimpse of the boy he once was - and the man he could still be - after hearing the record for the first time in decades. At the same time, his fellow ex-chorister Enid lives in a safe world of her own construction, but as the music stirs powerful memories in both of them, dare they make a last grab for love? Imelda Staunton and Michael Ball star in this musical drama inspired by a true story, written and directed by Victoria Wood, with Conleth Hill, Lyndsey Marshal and Daniel Rigby.



In Victoria Wood’s musical (she doesn’t appear), Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton are Tubby and Enid, a middle-aged couple who tentatively embark on a tender courtship when they meet at a reunion in 1969.

The pair were members of the Manchester Children’s Choir, which in 1929 recorded the carol Nymphs and Shepherds at Manchester’s Free Trade Hall. As a documentary crew records their reminiscences, Tubby and Enid look back at lives of disappointment and missed opportunities.

They do most of this in song-and-dance numbers and once you get used to characters bursting into big production numbers on Manchester’s streets you might be won over.

Ball and Staunton (a formidable musical theatre performer) are wonderful as a man and a woman making a grab for happiness and the songs are both sad and witty. The dialogue is, of course, pure Wood: “You must get through a lot of tights,” someone says to secretary Enid.

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EnidImelda Staunton
TubbyMichael Ball
FrankConleth Hill
SalLyndsey Marshal
Mr KirkbyDaniel Rigby
DorothySophie Thompson
Gertrude RiallDorothy Atkinson
Mr StanleyVincent Franklin
PaulineJessica Gunning
Sir Hamilton HartyMalcolm Sinclair
JimmyHarvey Chaisty
CommissionaireIan Lavender
GavinChristopher Jordan
Young EnidJessica Casby
HewittSam Burles
EvelynTracy Gabbitas
Mr ChandlerMichael Strobel
KilleleaNathan Rowley
EdnaHelena Rochester
TommyMarvyn Dickinson
Young FrankAndrew Carleton
Maitre'dRobert Maxfield
AnneJo Gerard
LionelCharlie De'Ath
Man with gramophoneMichael Jibson
Man on tramWilliam Fox
PresenterLeslie Hattersley
Bus conductorCarl Sanderson
NeighbourKaya Brady
Tea ladyPam Shaw
BusinessmanMark Rowlands
Lecture hall EnidHannah Cadec
Lecture hall EnidEmily Goodenough
Paris cafe intellectualFrancesca Hoffman
Paris cafe intellectualWill Peaco
Peel Square passer-byRichard Jones
Berni Inn waiterDan Reilly
Berni Inn waiterGary Watson
Berni Inn waitressTanya Robb
Berni Inn waitressCat Simmons
Tango partnerSebastien Torkia
UrchinSam Bluck
UrchinGrace MacDonald
UrchinEllen Richard


DirectorVictoria Wood
ProducerPaul Frift
WriterVictoria Wood


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