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Prison Break - Born inside a prison

  • 2021
  • Action
  • Thriller


The Constitution of India says - "Children born inside a prison are the property of the government and not their parent's". Karan and Arjun were born on a rainy night in Tihar women's prison. While Arjun was sent away by the mother who died in childbirth, Karan remained inside the prison. At age 6, Karan was sent to foster care from where he ran away and became the first kid to break into a prison to live there. Destiny takes a turn when Arjun, shows at Tihar Prison as the new jailor. A few feet away, the brothers stand, one of them a law keeper and the one, a lawbreaker. Both born inside this very same prison, unaware they're real brothers. And the most unexpected thing happens - as Arjun comes to know, Karan is his brother and as he decides to tell him a, he discovers that Karan has dug a tunnel and has escaped already. His Second Prison Break. What will happen when Arjun catches Karan? What will happen when he confesses to him that they're real brothers? Is there a family reunion waiting to happen after 20 years or a fight to the death?

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