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Postman Pat: SDS

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The original "Postman Pat" is a stop-motion animated TV series for younger children. It follows the adventures of postman Pat Clifton in the fictional village of Greendale. As he delivers letters with his black and white cat Jess, he nearly always becomes distracted by a problem one of the villagers may have and is usually relied upon to solve it. Other characters include postmistress Mrs Goggins, farmer Alf Thompson and handyman Ted Glen. Pat worked for the Royal Mail from 1981 until 2000. He now delivers mail for the fictional Special Delivery Service (SDS). The series was renamed "Postman Pat Special Delivery Service" in 2008. In the new series, Pat had been promoted to Head of the SDS and now has a boss called Ben, a fleet of new vehicles and works in the new town of Pencaster.


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