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  • 1991
  • Drama
  • Romance


In 1950s , in a small Italian village on Sicily, the young Bernarda and Corrado fall in love. Because of the enmity with her families they could not marry. Bernarda gives birth to her daughter Isabel, and, dishonored, leaves her motherland for Argentina, where her daughter was adopted by Mme. Guerrero. Corrado also was forced to leave Italy because of the persecution from Bernarda's family. He also came to Argentina where he married Mercedes and, 10 years after the birth of Isabel, was born another his daughter - Manuela. Manuela grows in a happy family, while Isabel after the death of Mme. Guerrero is unhappy. She just has discovered that her real mother is a servant, and all the family wealth is ruined. She can't accept Bernarda as the mother but admits help and forced to follow her advice. Therefore she marries a very rich man, Fernando Salinas, who fell in love with her, but she hides all her past. And it is only the first deception, made by Isabel and Bernarda...Other (very big) lies come.... When Manuela has grown, her face becomes the same as the face of Isabel. After Corrado has died, Manuela travels to Italy where she meets Fernando who makes the business there, and between them an enthusiastic love blooms. Isabel tries to save her marriage. But soon an accident on the river (in Delta) occurs, and because of the error in the identification of the body of another woman Isabel is declared as dead. Fernando marries Manuela, who is identical in face to his first wife. Meanwhile Isabel survives after the accident, but her very beautiful face is completely destructed - she looks like a beast, and her voice completely changes. She is constantly wearing the mask to hide her face. One night she returns to the Salinas family house and Bernarda at the first time do not recognizes her. Then she discovers that she has a sister who has occupied her place in the life of Fernando. With a help from Bernarda, Isabel hides in the house and decides to convert the life of Manuela into the hell...

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Isabela VerezzaGrecia Colmenares
Manuela GuerreroGrecia Colmenares
Fernando SalinasJorge Martínez
Bernarda MarelliMaría Rosa Gallo
Rudy VerezzaGabriel Corrado
Mariana VerezzaSilvia Kutika
Mercedes VerezzaCristina Murta
SilvinaAndrea Bonelli
GabrielaNelly Prono
AmeliaLita Soriano
EmilioGustavo Guillén



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