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Brødrene Dal og legenden om Atlant-Is

  • 1994
  • Action
  • Comedy


While attending the Nobel prize-giving ceremony in Oslo - themselves just having just been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace - the Dal brothers all of a sudden find themselves incapable of controlling their own limbs, being sucked out of the building and onto a train by what seems to be an uncontrollable higher force. The train brings them to the icy snows of Lapland, where they come across a mysterious shaman. The shaman explains that he has summoned the brothers to Lapland because Irka, an ancient holy pitcher saved from the Lapplanders' sacred town of Atlant-Is before the town sank and disappeared in the northern ice more than 4000 years ago, has been stolen. The shaman hopes that the Dal brothers can help to retrieve the holy pitcher and the brothers naturally offer their immediate assistance. While attempting to trace the whereabouts of Irka, the Dal brothers are lead deeper and deeper into a tangled web of pottery, snow research, hidden identities, explosives, missing airplanes, ghostly monks, forgery, and ever expanding lies.

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Gaus DalLars Mjøen
Ernst MuffensLars Mjøen
BillettinspektørLars Mjøen
Roms DalKnut Lystad
Even NevenKnut Lystad
Medlem av KringkastingsrådetKnut Lystad
Brumund DalTrond Kirkvaag
Gammel dameTrond Kirkvaag
Kinesisk mann #3Trond Kirkvaag
FortellerenTom Mathisen
Mikkel RevIngor Ânnte Âilu Gaup
BirgerEldar Vågan
HroarØivind Johannessen
Sattosk RevSvein Birger Olsen
Samerådsmann 1Odin Johansen
Samerådsmann 2Bernhard Ramstad


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