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Children of Herne

  • 2009
  • Action
  • Drama
  • PG


Caitlin (Megan Cooper) is a wild thirteen year old, who has ruled the house since the mysterious death of her mother a decade before. Now everything is about to change as, she finds herself suddenly on the move with her father and new young step-mother Fiona, (Emma Fletcher) to the village of Avebury, with its ancient stone circle and secrets that have been hidden for millenniums. As her true identity emerges, she is flung into the gravest of danger involving the legend of the Wild Hunt and the forgotten magic that belongs to ancient Britain. The local village doctor (Patrick O'Connor ) is a man frustrated by thwarted ambition and the lack of appreciation for his genius. He has operated as trusted public servant and confident in the village for many years in order to research the ancient magic that lies dormant in its stone circle. Now the time is perfect and he is prepared to use unspeakable evil in order to call upon long forgotten forces and Caitlin is right in the centre of his plan.



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