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The Amazing World of Gumball

  • 2014
  • Season 6
  • 44 episodes
  • Children's
  • Action


The kids find out Dad has been dressing as a woman to make friends, and Gumball and Darwin just want to veg out all day but end up having to save the rest of the family.


The Cage/The Rival/The One/The Vegging/The Father/The Cringe/The Neighbor/The Pact


Gumball and Darwin discover that their teacher, Mr Corneille, has a secret life as a fighter. / The Watterson's look back on Anais' first days in the Watterson house. Gumball and Darwin quickly find themselves up an opponent who is able to outsmart them at every turn. / Gumball is surprised by how upset he is when Tobias makes fun of him, tries to figure out why he feels Tobias doesn't have the right. / Gumball and Darwin have decided to do nothing for a whole day, but sometimes it's much harder to do nothing than something. / The kids try to help Dad bond with Frankie. / When the uncomfortableness between them reaches new levels Gumball and Hot Dog Guy decide they have to confront their ongoing awkwardness by making things as awkward as possible. / The kids realise that they've never known their neighbour's name, and they're way past the window where they can ask. / Gumball has something uncomfortable to tell Penny but doesn't know how, until he makes a deal with Principal Brown.



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