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The Life & Times of Captain Sir Tom

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A profile of the former British Army officer, who captured the hearts of the nation with his fundraising walk for the NHS at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. With access to Tom's everyday life, the film explores the man behind the blazer and hears his story, including his time on the frontline during the Burma campaign in the Second World War. Tom also recalls his teenage years, previous jobs and nursing his wife through illness - as well as a near-fatal accident he suffered just 18 months ago.



“One little soul like me isn’t going to make much difference,” said Captain Tom Moore as he prepared to walk lengths of his garden for NHS charities back in April. He was wrong: he made £40m-worth of difference, earned himself a knighthood and became a national talisman in a time of crisis – all at the age of 100.

But that, we gather from this profile, was merely the latest chapter of an engaging life story, which he tells here with a twinkle in his eye. He grew up in 1920s Keighley, where a strong influence was his uncle, a daredevil motorcyclist who would ride his bike through town while reading a newspaper on the handlebars.

The young Tom fought in Burma (“It was unpleasant,” he says drily) and forged a postwar career selling building materials. His story makes great viewing, with one caveat: what I saw was a rough edit thickly coated with background music, something viewers of Tom’s generation famously hate. Why not lose it?

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Executive producerNeil Duncanson
Executive producerSteve Gowans
ProducerJames Woodroffe


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