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Self - HostAlistair Cooke
Narrator (segment "Requiem")Alistair Cooke
Self - commentaryAlistair Cooke
SelfLeonard Bernstein
Self (segment "Beethoven's Fifth Symphony")Leonard Bernstein
Self - Conductor (segment "Messiah")Leonard Bernstein
Self - NarratorJoseph N. Welch
Self - Presenter (segment)Joseph N. Welch
Self - Commentator (segment "The Trial of Lizzie Borden")Joseph N. Welch
(segment "Drug Store, Sunday Noon")Helen Hayes
(segment "Irish Linen")Helen Hayes
(segment "The Twelve Pound Look")Helen Hayes
NarratorMartin Gabel
Narrator (segment "Lincoln Part I: The End and the Beginning")Martin Gabel
Narrator (segment "Lincoln Part III: Growing Up")Martin Gabel
(segment "Henry Adams")James Daly
(segment "My Heart's in the Highlands")James Daly
(segment)James Daly
Ann Rutledge (segment "Lincoln Part I: The End and the Beginning")Joanne Woodward
Ann Rutledge (segment "Lincoln Part III: Growing Up")Joanne Woodward
Ann Rutledge (segment "Lincoln Part IV: New Salem")Joanne Woodward
(segment "The Sea of Winslow Homer")Burgess Meredith
(segment "The Virtuous Island")Burgess Meredith
Avon Horsley Jr. (segment "A Christmas Tie")Burgess Meredith
Abraham Lincoln (segment "Lincoln Part I: The End and the Beginning")Royal Dano
Abraham Lincoln (segment "Lincoln Part III: Growing Up")Royal Dano
Abraham Lincoln (segment "Lincoln Part IV: New Salem")Royal Dano
Tom Lincoln (segment "Lincoln Part I: The End and the Beginning")Crahan Denton
Tom Lincoln (segment "Lincoln Part III: Growing Up")Crahan Denton
Tom Lincoln (segment "Lincoln Part IV: New Salem")Crahan Denton


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