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The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm

  • Children's
  • Drama


Harry Hill takes the title role of the absent-minded inventor, who is oblivious to the chaos caused by his ridiculous creations when they go wrong - which is more often than not. Luckily, his long-suffering housekeeper Miss Flittersnoop and dim-but-loyal best friend Colonel Dedshott are on hand to make sure he doesn't blow himself to smithereens. However, the trio meet their match when a local councillor tries to run the professor out of the village for being a dangerous nuisance, so Miss Flittersnoop's science-mad niece Connie comes to their aid. Comedy drama, co-starring Vicki Pepperdine, Simon Day and Madeline Holliday, with David Mitchell, Miranda Richardson and Ben Miller. Written by Charlie Higson from the popular children's books by Norman Hunter



There are certain RT people who have very fond memories of Norman Hunter’s Professor Branestawm books from our primary school days and even after all these years we’re a bit protective. But I think we’re in safe hands, judging by the few clips that were available for preview. Harry Hill, a long-time master of eye-popping anarchy, actually looks the part of Hunter’s bonkers, absent-minded inventor, a good-hearted buffoon who never does anything right.

Branestawm is the bane of his pretty village, Pagwell, where a buttoned-up, officious windbag of a councillor, Harold Haggerstone (David Mitchell), decides he’s a menace to health and safety and wants his explosion-prone “workshop” closed down.

But of course this pettifogging bureaucrat has an ulterior motive: he wants to pave the way for evil businessman Mr Bullimore (Ben Miller) to open a munitions factory. It’s deliciously old-fashioned, and could well be a lot of fun.

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Professor BranestawmHarry Hill
ConnieMadeline Holliday
Mr BullimoreBen Miller
Harold HaggerstoneDavid Mitchell
Miss BlitheringtonMiranda Richardson
Colonel DedshottSimon Day
Mrs FlittersnoopVicki Pepperdine
The MayorCharlie Higson
AggieSophie Thompson
The VicarAdrian Scarborough
AngelicaBarbara Durkin
Miss SiltDoreen Ingleton
PC PeaseyJason Forbes
Robo DadJason Maverick
Young Mr BullimoreIsaac Stanmore
Young Miss BlitheringtonLily Travers
Teenage BranestawmNathaniel Gleed


WriterCharlie Higson
UnknownBen Farrell
ProducerRosemary McGowan
DirectorSandy Johnson



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