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Tom & Jerry Tales

  • 2007
  • Season 2
  • 39 episodes
  • Children's
  • Animation


Tom and Jerry return to basics, chasing each other in an all-new series of hilarious cartoon shorts.


Little Big Mouse/Summer Squashing/League of Cats/Endless Bummer/Bend It Like Thomas/Game Set Match


The tables are turned when Jerry's attempts at a peaceful picnic are undermined by Tom and one clever little ant. / Tom finds guarding Mrs. Two Shoes' summer garden against Jerry and his hungry kin to be a fruitless task. / Tom and The League of Cats an organisation that helps cats catch mice get into a rumble with the League of Mice! / Tom and Jerry enter a surf-off unaware that fellow contestant and lousy surfer Droopy has an identical twin brother named Drippy who's a master of the waves. / With Spike tied to a leash Tom is able to bully both the bulldog and Jerry with his soccer skills. That is until the tomcat steps into some scorpion-filled soccer cleats! / Spike has tennis-pro Tom teach his son the ins and outs of the tennis game but Jerry puts a strain on Tom's coaching the pup causing the tomcat to wreak the wrath of daddy Spike!



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