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Tom & Jerry Tales

  • 2007
  • Season 2
  • 39 episodes
  • Children's
  • Animation


Tom and Jerry return to basics, chasing each other in an all-new series of hilarious cartoon shorts.


Kitty Cat Blues/Kitty Cat Blues/Abominable Snowmouse/Hockey Schtick/24 Karat Kat/The Declaration of Independunce


In old Spain Tom dances the Flamenco and Jerry tries to trip him up until they both compete in a Flamenco dance-off / Tom tries to win the affection of a lady cat by giving her Jerry but when she's mean to him he wants his mouse back and goes to musical lengths to get him / When Tom tries to wrest Jerry from the mouse's winter cabin he winds up crashing into the den of a ferocious Abominable Snowmouse. / Jerry's figure-skating rink is soon overrun by hockey enthusiast Tom whose raucous hockey exploits are at odds with the tiny mouse's dainty skating technique. / In 1849 at Sutter's Mill in California Tom and Butch try to steal Jerry's gold strike. / In Colonial America Tom stuffs Jerry into a paper airplane made out of the Declaration of Independence and frantically tries to get it back before Thomas Jefferson kicks his tail.



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