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In the Night Garden

  • 2007
  • Children's
  • Action
  • U


"In the Night Garden" is a CBeebies series for very young children about characters living in a wooded-grassland scattered with large daisies and brightly coloured balls of flowers. It features a mix of actors in costumes, puppetry and computer animation. The show is intended to help youngsters relax before they go to sleep. Each episode begins with a different child in bed, while the narrator (Derek Jacobi) reveals what the episode is about. The scene then cuts to Igglepiggle, a large blue creature, travelling in his boat to the Night Garden. Each episode ends with one of the characters receiving a bedtime story generated by a gazebo that sits in the middle of the garden. Sometimes the characters sing and dance under the gazebo. The closing titles see Igglepiggle asleep on his boat. The other main characters are Upsy Daisy, a rag doll with brightly coloured clothes, Makka Pakka, a small creature with three rounded protuberances on his head, and the three Tombliboos - Unn, Ooo and Eee. It is produced by Andrew Davenport and Anne Wood, the co-creators of "Teletubbies".

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