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Natural World

  • 1983
  • Documentary and factual
  • Nature


"Natural World" began life on BBC Two in 1967 as "The World About Us" and became "Natural World" in 1983. The original series was commissioned by David Attenborough in his then role as controller of BBC Two when he was looking to expand the range of colour programmes on the fledgling channel. The colours and beauty of exotic worlds had never been seen by TV audiences in the UK before its debut. From the monkeys of the Ethiopian highlands to the snow leopards of China, all are observed here. Attenborough has narrated many of the episodes but duties have occasionally fallen to Stephen Fry and John Lynch. However, it is a case of the camera doing the real talking as there are few words to describe the Eagle Owl's stately return to the shores of Scotland or the peculiar behaviour of a group of orang-utans. There is a wealth of different mammals, birds, reptiles and insects out there in the wild but "Natural World" has left very few stones unturned in its bid to show the audience the wonder and diversity that exists on our planet.

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