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Britain's Favourite Superhero

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Documentary making extensive use of interviews and clips from big-budget Hollywood blockbusters to explore the story of how superheroes - once exclusively found on the pages of comic books - found their way to the silver screen, becoming bankable cinematic icons in the process. A Channel 4 poll outlines which do-gooders the British public have taken to their hearts, and the programme charts the history of big-screen heroics from the release of the ground-breaking Superman: The Movie in 1978 through to the high-profile releases arriving in cinemas in 2016. Along the way, viewers are given a chance to revisit Tim Burton's noir-themed iteration of Batman in the 1990s, the angst-filled antics of the X-Men and Spider-Man in the early noughties, and the far-reaching storylines of Marvel's inter-connected Avengers films. All this culminates as the poll results reveals which five heroes have captured British imaginations to become the nation's favourites.



Which lycra lover is your favourite? Batman? Elastigirl? Super Gran? And whose powers would you most like? I was always rather taken by Wonder Woman’s truth-telling lasso and invisible plane (which exposed our perfectly visible heroine as she flew through the air in the seated position).

This top-supes countdown shows the slow transition from the colour and camp of 70s Superman to the dark nights of The Dark Knight and subversion of Kick-Ass. Of course, there will be those who ask: why don’t we all just live in the real world? But as prime fantasist JRR Tolkien once put it: “The only people who inveigh against escape are jailers.”

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DirectorPaul Symonds
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ProducerPaul Symonds



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