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Comedy, starring Kevin Eldon. Council worker Ian Hedge assumes the secret identity of Brilliantman and tangles with a variety of characters, including a mugger and a burglar. Features Johnny Vegas as Ian's sour-tempered landlady, Mrs Wardle.



When does a comedy not need dialogue? When it’s Brilliantman!, a delightful, wordless curio. Written by and starring the excellent Kevin Eldon, this playful, family-friendly caped caper harks back to the silent-movie era, with its stiff captions and stylised acting.

You’ll know Eldon’s face from dozens of well-chosen projects, from Big Train and Nighty Night to Hunderby and This Is Jinsy. Given his own, typically leftfield show by BBC2 – It’s Kevin – he left memorable comedy dents in the sketch-show genre with his naughty George Martin impression and stakeholder pension rap.

And it’s a busy time for him now; he’s the voice of Penfold the hamster in CBBC’s rebooted Danger Mouse, and he will appear in next year’s film The Comedian’s Guide to Survival.

In this enjoyably oddball one-off, Eldon plays drab council operative Ian Hedge, who spends his days measuring residential streets with a clickwheel and whose alter ego as a “righter of wrongs” is concealed from his suspicious landlady (played with grungy gusto by Johnny Vegas) and her mangy parrot. But do people actually need Brilliantman’s help..?

With amusing sound effects and a steady stream of silly gags – one involving a man hanging from a window ledge is worth the admission price alone – Brilliantman! is this week’s hidden treat.

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