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Eddie Goes Country

  • 2012
  • Documentary and factual
  • Music


Dundee-born PM and Newsnight presenter Eddie Mair returns to his native Scotland to explain his life-long love of country music. At the annual Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow, he compares likes and dislikes with fellow broadcaster Ricky Ross, and meets singers Eleanor McEvoy and Dick Gaughan. He also joins Edinburgh University musicologist Dr Katherine Campbell to trace Celtic music's lineage. From 2012



If a country song about love and loss cannot reach you, then you are probably already dead — or so RT and PM’s Eddie Mair believes. His love affair with country music started 40 years ago with his father’s eight-track cartridge of classics, played in the car. Thus began a life-long joy in the music that good taste forgot.

Eddie does not believe that country has to come from the Deep South, though. He fights a convincing case for its roots being Celtic and other musicians like Ricky Ross and Eleanor McAvoy are very much in his gang. It’s a joyous celebration of songs that have no shame in sentimentality and schmaltz.

When Mair next gets tough with a politician or banker we’ll know he’s secretly humming a Dolly Parton number on the inside.

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PresenterEddie Mair
UnknownRicky Ross
UnknownEleanor McEvoy
UnknownDick Gaughan
UnknownKatherine Campbell
ProducerJo Coombs
ProducerStewart Henderson
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