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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

  • 2020
  • Season 22
  • 16 episodes
  • Drama
  • Crime/detective

Episode 11: Our Words Will Not Be Heard


A high-profile activist suspects her sister has been kidnapped by a hate group, while Garland and Benson push for change with NYPD brass,, and Kat receives some good news. Starring Mariska Hargitay, Demore Barnes and Jamie Gray Hyder


This is one of those unrelentingly bleak cases where you imagine that the cops had to buy extra shower gel to clean off all the grime. At the centre of it are a white nationalist group who have kidnapped the sister of a high-profile black activist and are now broadcasting her torment live on the dark web. With bidders invited to pledge crypto cash to see unspeakable things being done to the hostage, SVU wastes no time in rounding up associates of the gang so that the poor woman can be found. 

Amid the horrors, look out for one of Finn’s (Ice-T) famous furious demands that a suspect “shut up!” — by my reckoning, his first of this current season.





Det Olivia BensonMariska Hargitay
Dep Chief Christian GarlandDemore Barnes
Katriona TaminJamie Gray Hyder

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The fractures in America’s policing system are something that Special Victims Unit has been tackling with renewed vigour of late, with this new episode taking a cogent look at what can happen when a cop prioritises loyalty to a colleague above all else.

The officer in question is series regular Amanda Rollins of Manhattan’s SVU, who decides to back a detective from the Bronx by the name of Moldovan after he acts in a questionable manner during an arrest. Overzealous he may have been in his pursuit of a guy suspected of a series of rapes, but Moldovan’s also growing increasingly territorial about crimes committed in his borough. Pretty soon, a headline-making police turf war has broken out, but where will Rollins’s moral compass eventually lead her?


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