You’ve Been Tubed: from bears and sloths to electrified footballers

Our pick of the week's most entertaining - or cute - viral videos

1. Shocking defending, Gary. Absolutely shocking
A rare example of physical pranking that gets funnier the more you watch it: Norwegian TV stages an indoor match between two teams of ex-professional footballers. The twist is that the two presenters can administer electric shocks to the opposition whenever they want to hinder them….


One thing missing from the clip: surely the sportsmen and women got to take their revenge on the chortling presenters later on? No? If we were those two we’d be looking over our shoulders… 

2. Sloth, sloth cute

Sloths are cute. They win cute-animal battles with cats, pandas and penguins without, fittingly, breaking sweat. But are you ready for baby sloths? Not just that, but baby ORPHAN sloths? In a special sloth orphanage? Prepare to awww yourself into the middle of next week…

3. Slip sliding away

Snow’s starting to fall, and a lot of us are contemplating a long-ish drive home – fog lights on, Chris Rea on repeat. Let’s hope we’re all safely inside before the roads become ice rinks – safely inside, that is, watching other people skid and flail like powerless numpties. A compilation of the above has been provided by a well-known brand of satnav, although what they’ll gain from highlighting a situation where no satnav can help you, we’re not sure.

4. Bear necessities

More natural cuteness, uploaded to YouTube ages ago but somehow doing the rounds this week. A bear waves at a car. Camply.

5. Mirror, signal, manoeuvre, manoeuvre, manoeuvre, manoeuvre


How to park in a space that’s actually four inches shorter than your car – in 468 easy steps!