Viral videos of the week: goats yelling, snow falling and a helicopter crashing

We've picked the best five videos that were big on the internet in the past seven days. Well done us

1. Aaaaaaaaagh!
Parrots have for a long time been the animal kingdom’s leading human impersonators, but as this immensely popular compilation clip shows, goats are the new challengers. Their only problem is a lack of range: they specifically impersonate slightly camp humans who have just had a cup of hot spiders emptied into their lap.


Whatever you do, don’t bail before the pitch-perfect comedy of the spit-and-shout at 1’22”.

2. Most valuable toddler
Crazy footage of a tiny child who can shoot basketball hoops better than most adults can.

Stick around for the “balls of increasingly large size and weight” medley special.

3. Blinding Nemo
How much snow fell in Connecticut overnight when superstorm Nemo hit this week? A lot. Loads. As this simple time-lapse film beautifully demonstrates.

A more imaginative bit of Nemo-inspired filmmaking is this clip of a video projector being trained on the blizzard.

4. Wrong gear
This footage from Top Gear Korea would be unwatchable without the disclaimer at the start, assuring us that nobody was seriously injured. A typically silly and dangerous stunt in which a helicopter chases a car goes hideously wrong when the helicopter crashes.

The transition on the face of the car driver from Top Gear smugness to reality-bitten fear is quite something.

5. Flute player
Calm down again with this soothing video of a man playing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen in the street on a load of wine glasses.


He even seems to have a way of creating vibrato by jogging the table with his leg. Virtuosic.