Viral videos of the week: Alison Brie, gay marriage and the best present ever

Five internet clips to brighten your heart and give your soul a good polish

1. Credit where it’s due
Certainly this is the best birthday present of all time and Leigh Lahav is the spouse of the millennium – but leave aside how effingly cute the whole enterprise is, and this vid is exceptional in its own right.


There’s even a Gracie Films (“Sssshhh!”) take-off after the credits. Too perfect.

2. Equally good
A testament to how awesome the New Zealand parliamentary session and vote on gay marriage was: it went viral on Wednesday even as literally everyone was livetweeting the Thatcher funeral.

The bigger hit was probably the song the public gallery sang when the bill was passed, but this speech by Maurice Williamson is a belter too.

3. Gimme shelter
To Southampton, or somewhere bussably near it, as a woman at a bus stop unobtrusively gets down.

She’s trying to stand still. But the hot funk insists.

4. Gap’s entertainment
Don’t try this at home, in the unlikely event that home is a big mountain with a very small hole in it which you wish to fly through at terrifying speed in a suit with wings. Don’t do that. Especially not if two dry runs suggest you’re about to smash your skull in.

Next week, the blooper reel: Alexander Polli’s prankster mates stretch cling film across the entrance to the hole, twanging him into a ravine.

5. Brie bagatelle
It’s a wonder this doesn’t have ten times as many hits as it does: Alison Brie, the people who live in the internet’s favourite actress, acts out classic photo memes using her lovely face.


In truth you kinda get the idea pretty quickly. Still. Charming.