Viral videos of the week: a Spanish flashmob, a live car chase and dogs on Skype

Hunker down with this warming box of five shareably amusing internet clips

1. Spanish glee
Hard times in Spain at the moment, with more than a quarter of the population unemployed – a figure that leaps to over 50% among the under-25s. A lot of Spaniards are spending a lot of miserable hours down the job centre. So the team from Carne Cruda 2.0 – a show on Spain’s top radio network, Cardena SER – thought they’d organise a little musical flashmob.


If you can watch all that with dry eyes, congrats! You’re tough enough to ride out this triple-dip recession malarkey, no probs.

2. “Hambone!”
Is this the funniest Bad Lip-Reading clip ever? The team that removes the sound from TV clips, then dubs on its own based on what people’s lips might be saying, tackles the NFL’s players and coaches during games.

I want to know more about the umpire and woman with all the beanbags.

3. Dog and videobone
What’s happened to neighbourhood dogs all howling at each other at night? Like white poo, it seems to be a thing of the doggy past. Could modern technology bring the phenomenon back?

Yep. It’s two dogs Skypeing each other. One of those that somehow gets funnier as it goes on despite nothing new happening.

4. 3DTV
As if live car chases on American TV weren’t exciting enough, one punter who was recording a local pursuit for posterity got more than he bargained for this week.

Most people immediately called fake, questioning either why on earth someone would be filming their own TV on a mobile phone, or why the cars turn off the road in real life but not on the news. Both are easy to deal with: loads of people film their tellies and put the results on YouTube, because it’s the quickest and easiest way; and live news broadcasts like this tend to run on a 10-second delay. As this follow-up vid shows, if this is a fake it’s an amazingly good one.

5. Tench situation
You’re feeding some fish. No danger there. OK, so one of them might nip at your fingers, but that’s about it. OK, so it might even bite your hand properly if it’s big enough. But it won’t be able to cling on. OK, so it might be able to, but surely you’ll easily oh just watch the clip.


Rumours that this fish is driving the car in the police chase clip are unconfirmed at press time.