Viral video of the day: man catches falling baby

Well taken! Watch as a man in south China saves a child from a nasty fall

Catch of the season! During a rainstorm in southern China – Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City of Guangdong Province, to be exact – local residents notice a small child loose on a high window ledge. Panic spreads, with some people desperately trying to line the tarmac with cardboard and some sort of leather pouffe.


Realising these are inadequate measures, two brave men – named by local media as Mr Li and Mr Hu – step up, with Mr Li nailing the catch when the kid finally plummets.

“Some people put down cardboard to avoid serious injuries to the baby if I fail to catch him,” the safe-handed Mr Li said. “I didn’t think too much at the time. I was just afraid of failing to catch him. It was nothing but human instinct.”


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