Video: Sofie Grabol on The Killing, Sarah Lund and how difficult it is to hold a gun

The Forbrydelsen star discusses her preparation for playing Denmark's most famous knitwear enthusiast

***Warning: this video contains one instance of strong language***


Forget craggy gumshoes in rumpled macs, nowadays the coolest detective on TV is Sarah Lund, the lady with the comfy jumpers and a no-nonsense attitude.

While Forbrydelsen fans will doubtless be mourning the end of the Danish drama’s second series on BBC4, they can take heart in the knowledge that there will be a third outing for Lund and the gang, and that series two’s DVD contains a brace of extra footage to keep the shakes at bay.

In this exclusive clip from The Killing II’s DVD extras, actress Sofie Grabol, who plays Lund in the series, talks about her preparation for the role, which included shadowing a glamorous Danish detective at work.

She also discusses her disdain for clichés, and how she was careful to steer Sarah Lund’s character away from familiar female cop stereotypes.

And for freeze-frame fans, she discusses a scene in the first series of The Killing that proves Grabol’s not quite as natural with a gun as Sarah Lund!


The Killing Season 2 and Complete Season 1 and 2 box sets are available to own on DVD from Monday 19 December