“Very dangerous boy” Ryan Gosling electrifies in new Only God Forgives trailer

The anticipated summer blockbuster releases one more neon-lit teaser

Ryan Gosling fans counting down to the release of his newest project Only God Forgives will welcome a new teaser trailer for the action-packed drama showing off a take-no-prisoners Gosling on a quest to avenge his brother’s murder.


The extended look into the film centres around Gosling’s character Julian and his “very special,” albeit complex, relationship with his domineering mother, played by Kristin Scott Thomas. Julian, who runs an illegal boxing club in Thailand to cover his family’s criminal dealings, treks through Bangkok to hunt down his brother’s killer at the insistence of his mother.

The grisly film is the second that Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn have worked on together following 2011’s Drive. Only God Forgives first made waves last month when it received criticism at the Cannes Film Festival for its excessive violence, but it took home the top prize at the Sydney Film Festival over the weekend.


Audiences can decide for themselves whether Only God Forgives is prize-worthy when it is released in the US on July 19 and the UK on August 2.