Unusual Christmas gifts for him and her

From Walking Dead to Twin Peaks, there isn't a sock in sight

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You see them every day. You’ve had every conversation it is possible to have with another person. You’ve been through anniversaries and Valentines Days and birthdays. And now you have to get them yet another thoughtful gift. Not to worry, we have the perfect present for your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/whatever. It beats your voucher for ‘free hugs’.


The Walking Dead Series 1-7 (£66)

If your relationship can survive watching all 32 discs of this together, it can survive anything.

Twin Peaks pillows (£50 each)


Turn your lounge into the Red Room, then get trapped there for all eternity.

Krewe Sunglasses (£250)

Based in New Orleans and favourites of Beyoncé and Jay Z, Krewe specialise in bold statement sunglasses for men and women. We like the ‘blue steel and champagne’ aesthetic of these STL IIs.

Fender Monterey Bluetooth Speaker (£300)

For the rockstar in your life.

Minipresso NS (£50)

Why even climb a mountain if you can’t have a perfect espresso at the top?

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 40th Anniversary Boxset (£140)

Yes, the classic score has been remastered beautifully and this boxset comes with a gorgeous art book, but the real draw? There’s a hologram of the Death Star on Disc 3! It looks like it’s floating above the turntable!

Star Wars Jedi Challenges Augmented Reality Game (£250)

In further Star Wars hologram news, this augmented reality headset (powered by your phone) lets you spar with Darth Vader in your living room. But the real draw? Your significant other has to wear a silly headset!

Cohorted Beauty Box (£35/month)

A subscription to a monthly gift box service is like giving a new present every month all year. (Yes, you will still have to think of something new in 2018.)

The Art of Mondo (£150)

Mondo produce the coolest pop culture inspired art, posters and memorabilia around. This coffee table book features some of the best.

A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holliday Classic (£13)


Ho ho ho.