How to play Taskmaster at home

Everything you need to know about bringing the Channel 4 gameshow to life in your living room.

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Returning to our screens this week is Taskmaster, with another five comedians to inundate with pointless yet brilliant challenges in the show’s 10th series.


With lots of creative, wacky and ridiculous fun playing out on screen, fans may be wondering whether they can play along at home – well, you can!

There are many ways in which you can take on various tasks from the comfort of your living room so we’ve collated a few options for those hoping to distract themselves from current events with the absurdity that is Taskmaster.

Taskmaster: The Board Game

If you’re on the hunt for more tasks to complete, then look no further than the Taskmaster: The Board Game.

Available to buy on Amazon, this board game contains over 200 ludicrous tasks that can be completed in various rooms of the house, including several video tasks from Alex Horne himself.

Suitable for anyone over the age of eight, you need at least three players to play the game, with the winner taking home a miniature bust of Greg Davies’ head.

Alternatively, you can purchase Alex Horne’s paperback book of tasks – Taskmaster: 220 Extraordinary Tasks for Ordinary People – which contains even more challenges for you to complete.


There are a few ways that you can bring Taskmaster to life in your living room – one of which is #HomeTasking.

Back in March, when lockdown was first imposed and everyone was told to stay indoors, Taskmaster creator Alex Horne designed a version of the game show to entertain fans.

Throughout March and April, Alex Horne and presenter Greg Davies uploaded 20 tasks for fans to do at home and while they were asking players to submit videos of themselves doing it for the chance to win points from them, the deadline for those challenges has now passed – but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete against your family to do the tasks yourself!


You can find all the Stay Home tasks on the Taskmaster YouTube page – the first challenge requires you to throw a piece of paper into a bin, with the most spectacular throw winning.

You can purchase Taskmaster: The Board Game and Alex Horne’s Taskmaster book on Amazon. Series 10 of Taskmaster begins on Channel 4 on Thursday 15th October. If you’re looking for something to watch, check out our TV Guide.