Will there be a series 2 of ITV’s McDonald and Dodds?

After the second of two feature-length episodes, fans will be wondering whether the detective drama will return to our screens

McDonald and Dodds

DCI McDonald (Tala Gouveia) and DS Dodds (Jason Watkins) have paired up as an unlikely detective duo in the descriptively-named McDonald & Dodds, which sees them solve some tricky murders in the city of Bath.


Here’s what we know about whether the ITV crime drama will return for more…

When is McDonald & Dodds on next?

No news yet on whether the show will return for a second series! We’ll keep you posted if we hear any more from ITV.

Will there be episodes of McDonald & Dodds?

McDonald & Dodds was originally commissioned as two feature-length episodes: The Fall of the House of Crockett (episode one) and A Wilderness of Mirrors (episode two). But from the very beginning, the door was left open for more episodes to be made…

Executive producer Damien Timmer has previously referred to McDonald & Dodds investigating “their first intriguing cases together,” while Jason Watkins said the show was sure to attract more brilliant guest stars “if we are fortunate enough to continue.”

McDonald and Dodds

So it sounds like we could get a second series of McDonald & Dodds – but there is one small issue: DCI McDonald (Tala Gouveia) has very firmly stated that she’ll only stay in Bath for two years tops.

Screenwriter Robert Murphy noted that after these two episodes, “if there are any [episodes] after that, we’ll have to finish within two years – because that’s when McDonald is going, don’t you think? She’s a woman of her word.”

DS Dodds is also rapidly nearing retirement, with his boss Houseman (James Murray) keen to organise a goodbye party as soon as possible.

But the show’s co-stars have a solution to this two-year time limit!


“I think she’s going to fall in love with Bath and I think she’ll stay around for at least seven years,” Gouveia joked, while Watkins added: “Dodds will find his own birth certificate and realise he’s actually only 42. I mean, I think there’s so much potential in the format, in the relationships.”