Meet the cast of Death in Paradise series 9

The 2020 series of Death in Paradise is packed full of big-name guest stars

Death in Paradise S9

Death in Paradise is back! With Ardal O’Hanlon (DI Jack Mooney) handing on the baton to Ralf Little (DI Neville Parker), and Aude Legastelois sticking around as DS Madeleine Dumas alongside Shyko Amos (Ruby Patterson) and Tobi Bakare (JP Hooper), the Caribbean crime drama has a strong line-up.


In series nine, they are also joined by some impressive guest stars – including Adrian Edmondson, Samuel West, Nell Hudson, Steve Pemberton, Alexander Vlahos, Javone Prince, and Samantha Bond.

Here are all the stars of Death in Paradise and the characters they’ll play, updated weekly as each episode goes out:

Ralf Little plays DI Neville Parker

Death in Paradise S9 - early release

Who is DI Neville Parker? The new Detective Inspector, who has just replaced DI Jack Mooney as Saint Marie’s top cop part-way through series nine. He arrived from Manchester for a quick visit to sign off on an apparent suicide case, but – thanks to an unfortunate case of Deep Vein Thrombosis – he has so far been unable to fly home and get back to normality. Poor DI Neville Parker has lots of health woes, what with being “allergic to everything” and suffering from asthma and being a magnet for every mosquito on the island.

What else has Ralf Little been in? He’s perhaps best-known for playing Antony in The Royle Family, and for playing Jonny Keogh in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. The actor, who comes from Manchester, also has a background as a footballer; and his recent TV shows have included The A Word, Doctor Who (as the character Steadfast), and Borderline.

Ardal O’Hanlon plays DI Jack Mooney

Ardal O'Hanlon plays DI Jack Mooney in Death in Paradise

Who is DI Jack Mooney? Our recently-departed Detective Inspector, who left part-way through series nine to return to London and move back into the family home with daughter Siobhan.

What else has Ardal O’Hanlon been in? The Irish comedian and actor is best-known for playing clueless and naive Father Dougal McGuire in Father Ted. Since then, he’s starred in My Hero, Robbie the Reindeer, Blessed, London Irish, After Hours, and Skins, as well as making a recent appearance as Eammon in Derry Girls. Back in 2007, O’Hanlon put in a memorable appearance as Brannigan in Doctor Who.

Tobi Bakare plays JP Hooper

Tobi Bakare plays JP Hooper in Death in Paradise

Who is Officer JP Hooper? Now the most long-standing member of the Saint Marie police team, other than the Commissioner, JP is an intelligent and capable officer who has gained in confidence over the years. He used to be Dwayne’s right-hand man, but since Dwayne left he’s been teaching the ropes to his new partner – Ruby Patterson.

What else has Tobi Bakare been in? He’s played Eggy’s friend Jamal in both Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Kingsman: The Secret Service. Before that, he appeared as Jamie in The Smoke and Chuks Akinade in The Tunnel, as well as Andy Dixon in The Shadow Line.

Shyko Amos plays Ruby Patterson

Shyko Amos plays Ruby Patterson in Death in Paradise

Who is Officer Ruby Patterson? With Commissioner Patterson as her uncle, Ruby was able to bag a job with the Honoré Police straight out of police college. Since then she has sought to prove herself to boss DI Jack Mooney and to her partner, JP, but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

As the BBC puts it, “Ruby is no shrinking violet. Her innate ability to get on with everyone means that she is a natural fit for a police officer. It’s just that wherever Ruby goes, chaos follows. Things like deadlines, punctuality and general tidiness aren’t her priorities in life, which can be a little infuriating for everyone around her. But despite her flaws, Ruby’s cheerful, easy-going attitude always makes her fun to be around.”

What else has Shyko Amos been in? Death in Paradise is Shkyo Amos’s first big break in the TV world, aside from a brief appearance in A Very English Scandal.

Aude Legastelois plays Madeleine Dumas

Aude Legastelois plays Madeleine Dumas in Death in Paradise

Who is Madeleine Dumas? Born and raised in Paris, Madeleine arrived in the previous series to check up on DI Jack Mooney’s work – and initially she wasn’t impressed by what she found. However, she was soon won over to his methods and to life on the island, and now she’s here for good.

“Saint Marie has exposed Madeleine to a team and community that is full of all the qualities she’s avoided – warmth, empathy, inclusivity, friendship and support,” the BBC explains. “Sometimes it freaks her out but maybe in time she will start to understand there are alternative ways of achieving contentment.”

What else has Aude Legastelois been in? Since launching her screen acting career a couple of years ago, Aude Legastelois has appeared in Budapest, Back Home, They Had a Dream, and Nox.

Don Warrington plays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson

Don Warrington plays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson in Death in paradise

Who is Commissioner Selwyn Patterson? Having reached the top rung of the police ladder on Saint Marie, Selwyn Patterson is a prolific networker and a talented political operator. He rarely gets hands-on with police work, but he is always keeping an eye on his team – and rarely misses a chance to issue a dry put-down targeted at DI Jack Mooney. He is extremely proud of his niece, Officer Ruby Patterson.

What else has Don Warrington been in? Don Warrington OBE is an experienced stage and screen actor who first came to public attention as Philip in the seventies TV series Rising Damp. Since then, his credits have included C.A.T.S. Eyes, New Street Law, To Play the King, Hamlet, Henry IX, and The Five. He starred as the alternative-universe President of Great Britain in 2006 Doctor Who episode Rise of Cybermen, and (briefly) competed in Strictly Come Dancing in 2008.

Elizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine Bordey

Elizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine in Death in Paradise

Who is Catherine? Described as “attractive, bright, friendly and one of the island’s local treasures,” Catherine is a Frenchwoman who has spent must of her adult life in Saint Marie. She runs a popular beach-front bar in Honoré and knows everybody in town.

What else has Elizabeth Bourgine been in? In France, the actress is best known for movies and TV shows including Private Lessons (Cours privé), A Heart in Winter (Un cœur en hiver), and My Best Friend (Mon meilleur ami). Recently she’s been seen in the TV movies Murders in Rochefort and Written in Blood.

Nina Wadia plays Anna Houghton 

Nina Wadia plays Anna Houghton in Death in Paradise

Who is Anna Houghton? A British tourist visiting Saint Marie, and a potential love interest for DI Jack Mooney. At the start of the series, Anna is spending New Year’s Eve on the island when she witnesses a masked assassin who is wanted for murder, and takes her evidence to the police. Nina Wadia told “She’s doing a year’s worth of travel because it’s on her bucket list and she’s had a bit of a time with her ex-husband Mike, who was quite selfish, and so she thinks, ‘you know what, I don’t need this in my life, I’m just going to go and do what I’ve always wanted to do.’ And she literally flies out, and when she least expects to meet someone else, she sees Jack. And for her it’s quite instant. She kind of just knows that she likes him.”

What else has Nina Wadia been in? Nina Wadia is most famous for starring as Zainab in the BBC soap EastEnders, a role she played for six years until she left in 2013. Since then, we’ve seen her in Trollied, Danny and Mick, Aladdin, Still Open All Hours, Holby City, Murder on the Blackpool Express, and Origin. Further back, she also co-starred in the sketch comedy show Goodness Gracious Me.

Episode 7 guest stars

Ellen Thomas plays Georgine Perault

Ellen Thomas plays Georgine Perault in Death in Paradise S9

Who is Georgine? The mother of the bride. On her youngest daughter Cynthia’s wedding day, she’s at the hair salon with oldest daughter Kiki and her own sister, Eleanor. Georgine had a drug problem while her girls were kids, and so it was actually Eleanor who took guardianship brought them up – but everyone is back together for the wedding.

What else has Ellen Thomas been in? She’s perhaps best-known for playing Claudette Hubbard in EastEnders, and Liz Webbe in the Channel 4 sitcom Teachers. Recent roles have included grandma Maggie Mensah in the TV series Dark Money, the Fairy Godmother in David Walliams’ After Ever After, and Mama in Idris Elba’s In the Long Run. Further credits include Johnny English Reborn, Basic Instinct 2, Mount Pleasant, Casualty, and Doctor Who.

Rochelle Rose plays Kiki Perault

Rochelle Rose plays Kiki Perault in Death in Paradise

Who is Kiki? The sister of the bride. She works at the hair salon with her Aunt Eleanor, and it was Kiki who helped raise Cynthia in their mother’s absence.

What else has Rochelle Rose been in? Her theatre credits include Salt, Rockets and Blue Lights, and Cinderella and Aladdin at the Oxford Playhouse. On TV, she played Semone in ‘Lawful Killing: Mark Duggan’.

Doña Croll plays Eleanor Beaumont

Doña Croll plays Eleanor Beaumont in Death in Paradise

Who is Eleanor? A devout Christian woman who raised her two nieces herself. She is also a small business owner, having launched her own successful hair salon.

What else has Doña Croll been in? She’s played Emerald Fox in EastEnders, Old July in the 2018 adaptation of Andrea Levy’s The Long Song, and Matron Casp in the Doctor Who episode New Earth. Much of her career has been in theatre, and in 1991 she became the first black actress to play Cleopatra on the British stage.

Kadiff Kirwan plays Henri Dupré

Kadiff Kirwan plays Henri Dupré in Death in Paradise

Who is Henri Dupré? Cynthia’s fiancé. They were meant to be getting married, but a murder on their wedding day has delayed things somewhat. As we soon discover, Henri and Ruby have previously had “a thing”.

What else has Kadiff Kirwan been in? Kadiff Kirwan plays DC Wesley Ross in hit Netflix series The Stranger, and has also recently been in Inside No 9 (in the episode Death Be Not Proud) and This Way Up (playing Bradley). The actor played Jason in Timewasters, hairdresser Anthony in Fleabag (as seen in the haircut scene!), Aaron in Chewing Gum, and the Mayor in Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

Kiké Brimah plays Cynthia Perault

Who is Cynthia? The bride. She was keen to have her mother Georgine at her wedding, so she is getting ready with her mum, sister Kiki, and Aunt Eleanor.


What else has Kiké Brimah been in? The young actress is set to star in the long-anticipated adaptation of Malorie Blackman’s Noughts + Crosses, playing main character Sephy’s older sister Minerva Hadley.

Read on for further guest stars for Death in Paradise series 9…